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Carol Wise, CRS
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Ready for a hike and own
a piece of the Pacific Northwest
999 39th St
Port Townsend, WA 98368
Undeveloped Land
MLS# 2011532    $15,500

TO: $10,000
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Ready for a hike and own a piece of the Pacific Northwest, here it is! In the area called Capies Trails. Single lot appears to be level and lightly treed with good sun. Parking at 49th and Hendricks on the south side where the public trail starts. Walk 10 blocks and 10 60' street paces you will come to a T. Take a left, all real nice well kept and used trails all up there, go 753 3' steps and look to the left and it "appears" that the lot is there. White trunked tree. Requires a survey to be sure. The lot to the east sold recently. Great little picnic spot or just own it!
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